Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Shed's Grand Opening

The Shed is a studio and exhibition space in downtown Fayetteville, AR. It is a place for artists to show work that comes out in the making process and may have come about after starting a new direction or changes in the process. When beginning any new skill set or work, it is challenging to un-hide it from the studio and put it into a public space. However, we encourage this work, still new, fresh, and vulnerable, to unveil itself at The Shed. Run by Donna Smith and Angelina Bowen, The Shed encourages discussion, exchanging of skills and ideas, and the general merriment that occurs when bringing together artists from the region.

In the future, we hope to host talks, workshops, and small events that encourage collaboration between other creative endeavours in downtown Fayetteville.

Grand Opening Photos:

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